About Us

Legendary Arms, Inc. was established in 1985 as a mail order company selling reproduction swords, knives, bayonets and other edged collectible items.  We started with a catalog of just 20 items including the 1860 Cavalry Saber, Enfield Bayonet, Springfield Bayonet and Bowie knife.  These products are still among some of our best sellers today.

Over the years, we have grown substantially from the 20 items we started with to the over 700 products offered on our website today.  We have one of the largest product offerings for the Civil War enthusiast, with over 250 items available, including swords, knives, bayonets, non-firing guns, uniforms, insignias and gear. 

The expansion of our Civil War product offerings was the result of the ongoing collaboration our founder, Sudha (Sue) Gupta, has had with the dedicated Civil War sutlers and reenactors who have been our customers over many years. If we didn't have an item, and we couldn't find it somewhere else, Sue obtained a sample or specification and worked with our oversees manufacturers to create high quality, historically accurate reproductions meeting her exacting standards.   

In 2014, we have expanded our offerings to include current U.S. Military tactical uniforms and gear.

We take immense pride in providing high quality products at reasonable prices and continuously working towards the satisfaction of our valued customers.